It won’t be too long now…

27 03 2007

play_o_big.jpg… until we can start to creak open the doors of development and let some more people into the system at to get testing and using it!

Please expect to find news and announcements of when we are ready, here on this blog which will also be piped onto the main site front page.

Also to come before this, will be some posts and podcasts (yes! we do those too! 🙂 ) through this blog with information about what it is we are actually trying to do for you all in the world of podcasting. There should be some screencasts on the way too, to help you get to know how the site works.

The geeks ‘under the bonnet’ here are also very excited about all the DATA (mmmmmm!) which you’ll be able to generate at, which could be used in so many other podcast applications. Even one you might want to create yourself! There is heaps and heaps of RSS and OPML for you to play with.

We should also be able to tell you about some of the really exciting top secret stuff in the way of other tools and systems we have been creating for you too soon. Through this ‘journey’ of creating the system behind, with all its feeds and folders (hello OPML and RSS!) we have also come up with (what we think are) some pretty nifty new ideas, which we hope will help ‘further the conversation’ in more ways than one. More news on this to come.

The podpixies are currently scurrying around checking everything over and finishing off loose-ends of code. Go podpixies!

Stay tuned? Stay subscribed!




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