The State of the State

26 07 2007

Since you’re here, you’ve probably already spent some time with And you’re probably wondering what we’re doing behind the curtains here, and here goes:

  • Yes, we’re working on the site, every day. It’s a big system, much bigger and more complex than the typical podcast sites out there. We’ve bitten off a chunk, hopefully not more than we can chew, but we know we’re not full yet; we know we have a lot of work to do, and as time goes on we’ll need more and more of your input to make sure we’re doing things right. So thanks for hanging on.
  • We landed a big client, Motorola, and we’re doing quite a bit behind the scenes to make sure our relationship with them is a good one. Sometimes that means we don’t get to work on as much as we should, and since May that is most definitely true. We realize that, but we want you to know that it’s all for a greater purpose, and it will make the service better, meaning …
  • We’re getting closer and closer to a beta version of our service, and we want you to be a part of it. Send an email to register [at] podcast [dot] com if you haven’t already to be a part of the upcoming fun.

That’s all for now. We were using this blog mostly for testing purposes and are now opening it up. We’ll spend more time hanging here starting in August, so feel free to stop back to see what’s happening or, better yet, subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed and get the news when we make it happen.





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