Podcasting Hits Conferences Big Time

23 08 2007

pnmeI guess you know you’ve hit the big time when people organize a conference around you. In our last post we mentioned the Podcast Awards to be announced at the 3rd Annual Podcast and New Media Expo, a ‘”prosumer” and corporate event’ for people who make audio and video for the Web. Turnout to this Ontario CA event has been strong the past two years — evidently so strong that podcast types decided to organize another conference just over a month later called the Blog World and New Media Expo, and take it straight (or at least close) to the Vegas strip. Looks like the name “New Media Expo” is the flavor of the month.

blogworldThe conference title mentions blogs but it features many of the same tracks as the P+NME: how to make media for the Web, how to get an audience, and how to make money.

Registration is open for both P+NME and BW+NME (don’t get the acronyms confused!), and it’s time for you to pick your poison …




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