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10 10 2007

In case you didn’t notice the blue “BETA!” icon in the middle of this page, and you’re not already registered with, give that icon a click and register for our site. There you can organize podcasts in your own directory, create your own playlist, and much more. We need your input to make this site and service useful for you, whether you’re a podcast listener or creator or anyone else in between.

betaOnce you log in you’ll be able create your own directory of podcasts. The easiest way to start this is to search for a topic using the search box (try your favorite hobby or subject), then click on one of the search results. If you like that podcast, click the “+add feed!” button below the podcast’s image in the middle of that page. You’ll then see that podcast in your directory! If you don’t want to add that podcast to your directory, try your search again at the top of the page. After you’ve added a few feeds to your directory, you can click the little folder-with-gears icon below your directory to move feeds around and create folders to organize them in, and even add links to Web pages. See how I organized my folder here.

You can learn about more things you can do with our site by clicking the “getting started” link on the left part of each page (below the green “send us feedback” link). You can send any questions about what to beta [at] — also feel free to send us comments about how easy or hard the site is to use. Don’t be shy! We read/listen to every comment that comes in.

If you want to leave the site and come back later, you can click that “beta!” icon on the home page to log in again.

Thanks for using our site. It’s a work in progress, but we think there are a lot of fun and useful things here.




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