More Podcasts!

1 11 2007

directoryStep right up, step right up — to the right side of the homepage, where we’ve beefed up “Our Featured Podcasts” directory. You can get more of everything in every category in both audio and video. We’ve been loading fifty or sixty podcasts (if not more) in each category, and they’re hand-selected for your listening and viewing pleasure.

We’re also creating subdomains for most of the folders of that same directory, which means you can go to,,, and the rest of the category names followed by Any folder with two names will soon have two separate subdomains with the same podcasts, such as and We hope these subdomains will be easy for you to remember the next time you’re looking for podcasts on a certain subject.

Also, we recently hit a big milestone: we have over 25,000 podcasts on! Expect our collection to get larger and larger as we work to search the Web for great podcasts. Don’t forget to submit the RSS feed of your podcast or your favorite podcast if you don’t think we have it!




One response

2 11 2007

It’s so great to see the quality of the directories being built with tools I made! ๐Ÿ™‚

Great collections! Good job! ๐Ÿ™‚

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