Podcasting Tools: WavePad (Free)

20 11 2007

For editing single audio files, Audacity has been the only free download worth noting in the past few years (no, that doesn’t include Garageband that comes pre-installed on Macs). It’s full of features, easy to use, and extremely light on the pocketbook. So it’s good to see there’s finally an alternative: WavePad by NCH Swift Sound. It’s also free and full of features including text-to-speech, voice activated recording, and batch processing to apply effects to multiple files at once (you have to pay for that last one, sorry). I’m using it now and it seems to do most of the things I want it to do, and most everything I use Audacity for. It doesn’t have access to the VST effects that I use Adobe Audition for, and seems about as useful (not very) as Audacity for mixing together multiple audio files, but what can you expect for free these days? (Like an old professor used to tell me, there’s no such thing as a ‘free lunch’, but then again he must not have known about free software.)




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