Spotlight: Wine Australia

30 11 2007

To select a wine from a particular country you aren’t familiar with and have no recommendation for, you have no choice but to find the nearest wine retailer, read the labels of bottle after bottle and eventually make a choice based on (what you hope is) an educated guess. That was before podcasting. Now, before you even make the trip, you can experience the sound of a glass pouring, the look of the wine swirling in a glass, and learn all about the history and production of that wine AND an entire country’s wine through podcasts — direct from the people who know. Head over to our wine, beer, and spirits collection to find podcasts from the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation, who produce an audio and a video podcast that details regional and varietal wines from Australia, hosted by Australian wine writer Max Allen and ‘regional hero’ Ben Glaetzer, respectively. The podcasts are a hit, as 15% of‘s visitors downloading the podcasts, or 10,000 downloads, since their launch in April 2007. Now those outside Australia can worry less about a plane ticket to Oz and a series of wine tours and more about which Australian wine they’re going to buy next from their local shop.




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