Satellite Radio Goes Podcasting

13 12 2007

xm podcastsSatellite radio, a concept first unveiled in the early 1990s, sprung to life in the early 2000s just before the dawn of podcasting. By the time major radio personalities such as Howard Stern started jumping from terrestrial radio to satellite radio, many early adopters of podcasting thought they were jumping to/on the wrong bandwagon (podcasting being the right one, naturally). As the years have gone by, both podcasting and satellite radio are spending more time coming together — some podcasters with shows on satellite radio, and now XM, one of the two flagship satellite radio companies, with shows delivered as podcasts. XM has a stable of original programming that isn’t available over its satellite service, which gives podcast listeners some podcast options while stimulating their curiosity about XM programming available only on satellite. We’ll see if Sirius starts spending more time with podcasts as well.




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