What to Expect from Ourselves in 2008

11 01 2008

It may be hard to believe (wink wink), but more people are using the Internet and cellphones to get their entertainment, no longer satisfied to sit in front of the television and to let the TV networks decide what should be watched. Crain’s, a New York research company, said that as of December 2007, the major TV networks’ prime-time ratings in the key 18- to 49-year-old age category were all down: at NBC by 11%, at CBS by 10% and at ABC by 5%.

So where are the 18- to -49-year-olds going? I think you already know. Instead of watching television and listening to the radio, Deloitte & Touche reports:

  • 38% of Americans are watching TV shows online.
  • 36% use their cell phones for entertainment.

Not only that, but everyday people are creating entertainment, including podcasts, for everyone else to watch and listen to:

  • 54% of those surveyed said they are creating their own entertainment content by editing photos, videos or music.
  • 45% are making the content for others to see.
  • 32% think of themselves as “broadcasters’ of their own media.

Your TV shows are on the Internet, your movies are on the Internet, your music and radio is on the Internet … I think there’s a trend here. The world is changing, and we’re all changing with it — that’s why you’re here at Podcast.com. Hooray for us in ’08!




One response

3 02 2008
Ryan Sarti

I suspect the declines with network broadcasts will be getting worse at an increasing rate. This is an “On Demand” world and the networks don’t keep up. Friedman’s book, “The World Is Flat” really points all this out. Plus, these statistics update Friedman’s work. The networks should be increasing their efforts to build their web presence.

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