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28 02 2008
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If you haven’t browsed them yet, a ‘channel‘ on is a collection of podcasts about a particular subject or from a particular producer.  We currently have three ways to browse our channels (shown, right):

  1. On our Channels page, which you can get to from the main navigation bar on the home page
  2. Under our Featured Channels section on the lower left of the home page
  3. In our Popular Channels folder, which you’ll see at the top of our podcast collection on the home page

Incidentally, we are updating the collection of podcasts you see on the home page.  In each folder within our collection, such as Games and Hobbies and Kids and Family, you will find ten podcasts instead of the five you could find before, and you can still link to each corresponding channel page ( for the Games and Hobbies folder, for the Kids and Family folder, and so on).

So here’s what we need you to answer — you can send feedback to info at — we’d really appreciate any comments you may have:

  • What do you like about our channel pages? What do you not like about them?
  • What do you think about the collection of podcasts on our home page?  Is it too big?  Too small?



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