Is Your News Source?

5 03 2008

A new poll by Zogby (nice name!) suggests the Web, including podcasts, has become the preferred news source (over television, radio, newspapers) for almost half of all Americans.  Go figure.  Some interesting findings and conclusions:

  • Nearly half of respondents (48%) said their primary source of news and information is the Internet
  • 55% of those age 18 to 29 say they get most of their news and information online
  • Web sites are regarded as a more important source of news and information than traditional media outlets (radio, television, newspapers)
  • 86% of Americans said Web sites were an important source of news, with more than half (56%) who view these sites as very important

But who provides the news online?  Television and radio stations and newspapers still do, delivering their comprehensive news coverage to the Web.  If you’ve visited our news channel you know we have an abundance of podcasts from many of these big news outlets: New York Times, Associated Press, the BBC — as well as punditry and analysis from some smaller yet still respected local sources such as KPLU in Seattle and shows such as Between the Lines.  Podcasts are produced at numerous intervals: weekly, daily, even on the hour. And podcasting is the perfect medium for individuals to give do their own editorializing on daily events from their home studios.

Spend some time at our news channel and realize just how many news podcasts are out there.  It may change your daily routine, like it has ours.




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