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28 02 2008
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If you haven’t browsed them yet, a ‘channel‘ on is a collection of podcasts about a particular subject or from a particular producer.  We currently have three ways to browse our channels (shown, right):

  1. On our Channels page, which you can get to from the main navigation bar on the home page
  2. Under our Featured Channels section on the lower left of the home page
  3. In our Popular Channels folder, which you’ll see at the top of our podcast collection on the home page

Incidentally, we are updating the collection of podcasts you see on the home page.  In each folder within our collection, such as Games and Hobbies and Kids and Family, you will find ten podcasts instead of the five you could find before, and you can still link to each corresponding channel page ( for the Games and Hobbies folder, for the Kids and Family folder, and so on).

So here’s what we need you to answer — you can send feedback to info at — we’d really appreciate any comments you may have:

  • What do you like about our channel pages? What do you not like about them?
  • What do you think about the collection of podcasts on our home page?  Is it too big?  Too small?

Getting Fresh with

9 02 2008

It’s a brand new day, and we have some brand new changes to our home page, including to:

new home page

  • the navigation bar on the left side of the page
  • the welcome box, front and center
  • the search box to search for podcasts, above the welcome, and
  • the cleaner logo at the top of the page

play nowNow, none of these elements of our home page are new, but they represent our work to make our site look cleaner and clearer to people who haven’t visited our site before. We will continue to make these changes for the better throughout our site.

One element that is new is in our ‘latest podcast episodes’ section in the middle of the page; you can now play those audio or video podcasts right on the home page by clicking the ‘Play’ buttons below each of the four latest podcast episodes.

We would appreciate your comments on these changes and are excited to continue to make our site easier for you to use. If you have comments on these changes or suggestions on how we could continue to improve our site, send an email to info [at]

Sign In!

26 11 2007

signYeah, we did it — you can now log in to your account or sign up for a new account right from the front/center of our home page. In case you missed the big green and black signposts to do so, click all over the log in image and get ready for action!  We still have a lot of unfinished business on this site, so please excuse the mess — and email info [at] if things don’t make sense to you.

Browse on Your PSP

14 11 2007

pspWe’re on a roll now — we’ve updated for you to browse our site using your Sony PSP. Also, if you’ve registered for the beta, you can see your podcasts by navigating to[yourusername]/psp. Fantastic!

Adding Podcasts from to Your New Zune

14 11 2007

one click Microsoft has upgraded the Zune media player, both the new 80, 8, and 4GB Zunes as well as the first-generation 30 GB Zunes, with a new interface and features. In celebration of this, we’ve added a “Add to Zune” button (left) to every podcast page on our site (click the image on the right to see how it works) . So you now can put podcasts made available by on your Zune, if you installed Zune Marketplace 2.0. We shoot — we score! (And so do you.)


7 11 2007

We have a lot of ways to receive comments from you guys about our site (what’s good, what’s bad, bugs, etc.):  the ‘Send Us Feedback’ link on the left of every page on; the comments on posts in this blog; and the comments under each FAQ.  You can also email us at beta [at] to hit us directly.  Either way, we’re seeing everything you write and considering each comment, and everything is helpful to us — so keep your ideas flowing.  We have enough feedback right now to swamp us under; we’ve prioritized your comments and tried to deal with the biggest issues first.

Now back to squishing those bugs …

Join Our Site!

10 10 2007

In case you didn’t notice the blue “BETA!” icon in the middle of this page, and you’re not already registered with, give that icon a click and register for our site. There you can organize podcasts in your own directory, create your own playlist, and much more. We need your input to make this site and service useful for you, whether you’re a podcast listener or creator or anyone else in between.

betaOnce you log in you’ll be able create your own directory of podcasts. The easiest way to start this is to search for a topic using the search box (try your favorite hobby or subject), then click on one of the search results. If you like that podcast, click the “+add feed!” button below the podcast’s image in the middle of that page. You’ll then see that podcast in your directory! If you don’t want to add that podcast to your directory, try your search again at the top of the page. After you’ve added a few feeds to your directory, you can click the little folder-with-gears icon below your directory to move feeds around and create folders to organize them in, and even add links to Web pages. See how I organized my folder here.

You can learn about more things you can do with our site by clicking the “getting started” link on the left part of each page (below the green “send us feedback” link). You can send any questions about what to beta [at] — also feel free to send us comments about how easy or hard the site is to use. Don’t be shy! We read/listen to every comment that comes in.

If you want to leave the site and come back later, you can click that “beta!” icon on the home page to log in again.

Thanks for using our site. It’s a work in progress, but we think there are a lot of fun and useful things here.