Feature: Black History Month

20 02 2008

featureWe’re trying something new here: a ‘feature’, which is a playlist of episodes from different podcasts about a certain subject. This feature for the month of February is about Black History Month, so we’ve collected different podcasts that celebrate the month, discuss the importance of black history, and talk about what it means today.  You can find this and other features at my.podcast.com/features. (Make sure you click on the ‘View All Episodes’ icon in the middle of the screen to see every episode we collected.) It’s easy: we collect the episodes, you subscribe to our playlist.

Hope you enjoy this feature, and send an email to info at podcast.com if you have an episodes you’d like to add to this or any future features. ‘Future feature’ – almost like a ‘creature feature’, but not as scary (yeah, I know that’s not funny).