Podcasts, Olympics, Censorship!

22 02 2008

The Guardian, the popular UK newspaper and website, is reporting how members of the 2008 Olympic games in China might be victims of Internet censorship by the Olympic committee. This is a story for us because it involves podcasting: athletes (or “persons accredited at the games”, which includes media and Olympic staff) won’t be able to take video or audio of their experiences while at Olympic competitions, and therefore can’t make audio or video podcasts.

Internet censorship in China has long been a sticky subject, with debate as to how the government regulates Internet usage of its citizens, but this decision has been made independently by the International Olympic Committee — therefore it only seems ironic that this issue is / will be based in China. We’re anticipating a lot of podcasts about the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, and we were definitely hoping for any podcasts about action in the trenches, on the fields and by the racing tracks at the Games.

We now hope this issue brings light to Internet censorship, and to how audio and video taken by anyone is just as important (or moreso) as the ‘journalism’ a newspaper, radio station, or magazine would provide. The dictionary says journalism is “material of current interest or wide popular appeal”. Sounds like a podcast by someone at the Olympics would have wide popular appeal, wouldn’t it?


2007 Podcast Audience Almost 3x Bigger Than the Year Before

14 02 2008

18 million is a big number!An online marketing company named eMarketer just estimated that 18.5 million people listened to or watched podcasts last year, up from 6.5 million in 2006.  That’s quite a jump if you ask us.  Combine a growing podcast audience with the fact that more and more podcasts are being made and you have a global trend that expects an audience of 65 million people in 2012.  In early 2006 eMarketer predicted the worldwide podcast market would hit 25 million people in 2008, and it looks like we’re on our way.  You can do your part to help that trend by telling your friends and family about Podcast.com and how they too can enjoy podcasts for work and play.  Everybody’s doing it!

Free Podcasting Guide for Educators

14 02 2008

It’s called “PoducateMe: Practical Solutions for Podcasting in Education”, and it’s a free online guide (downloadable PDF costs less than $20) for schools interested in podcasting their classes for their students.  Here’s what you can learn in the 190-page illustrated guide:

  • What is a podcast?
  • Selecting appropriate podcasting equipment and software
  • Recording, editing and polishing a podcast
  • Creating an “enhanced” podcast containing links and graphics
  • Uploading a podcast to the Internet
  • Creating a podcast blog
  • Sharing podcasts with students

Find it at the PoducateMe website.

Plodcasting? Copcasting? Constabulary-casting?

29 01 2008

In the ongoing story of interesting groups using podcasting in interesting ways, the Hampshire Constabulary is now pumping out podcasts about fighting crime in Hampshire (UK).  For some reason the Hampshire police call their podcasts ‘plodcasts‘, perhaps because of a cultural reference that UK residents would understand. Here’s what to expect:

In this first Plodcast, Ian Sainsbury finds out about the new SmartWater Zone that has just been set up in Portsmouth to crackdown on burglaries in the city. SmartWater is a special water with almost DNA like properties which makes anything marked with it easy to trace and it’s almost impossible to get off.

Get the podcast here.

Want to Be a Political Podcaster?

25 01 2008

If you do, you have your chance — the New York Times is looking for some people to record audio at the various political primaries around the United States on “Super Tuesday”, when citizens in many states around the country will be voting for who could become the next American president.  If you live in or around one of the following states — or are interested in traveling for this opportunity — check this link for more information:

California (Northern & Southern)
New Jersey
North Dakota
New Mexico

Podcast.com and … Your Taxes?

23 01 2008

April.  It’s one of the most nerve-wracking months of the year for many Americans.  It’s when good citizens submit their tax returns to the government and hope (pray) they got some money back — or don’t have to pay too much.  (I’m getting this shivers just thinking about it.)  To alleviate your pain, your good friends (really?) at the IRS put together a podcast that details how to make sense of it all, whether you’re filing your taxes as an individual, business, student, etc.  You can subscribe here.

Podcasting Symposium at Macworld

15 01 2008

We won’t be there, but we feel the need to promote this annual upcoming symposium that’s all about podcasting.  Check the Macworld site for more info or just digest this here press release:

The world’s leading experts on podcast production and promotion will be featured at the MacWorld Podcasting and Rich Media Symposium, on Friday, January 18th, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, at MacWorld Expo, Moscone Center (Conference Wing), in San Francisco, CA.

The MacWorld Podcasting and Rich Media Symposium will include how to create a great podcast, build an audience and monetize your efforts. The course will also cover the essentials of everything from planning your show content to growing it into a media property.

“We’re going to share how to move from producing shows you love to do, to shows people love to hear,” said Scott Bourne, host of The Apple Phone Show (http://applephoneshow.com). “Whether you’re new to podcasting or a seasoned veteran looking to catch up on the latest and network with colleagues, this symposium has lots to offer.”

Session speakers include podcasting and new media experts Leo Laporte, host of This Week in Tech; Richard Burns and Dusty Wright from CultureCatch; Paul Vogelzang, producer of MommyCast and Friends, and Lee Gibbons, CEO of Podango.

The Symposium Schedule is as follows:

Pre-Production (9:00 am – 10:30 am)

9:00 * Craig Syverson, Grunt Media — Podcasting Overview — Know the Basics Before Building Your Show

9:30 * Scott Bourne, The Apple Phone Show — Podcaster’s Checklist, Building A Show Clock

10:00 * MommyCast — Building a Successful Podcast from the Ground Up

10:30 * Lee Gibbons, CEO of Podango, Considerations and Options in Choosing a Hosting Platform

Keynote (11:00 am)

11:00 Leo Laporte — Keynote — “The State of Podcasting and New Media Today”

Producing Your Podcast (11:30 am – 1:30 pm)

11:30 * Alex Lindsay, Mac Break Weekly — Video Podcasting Secrets, Tips, and Tricks

12:00 * Richard Burns & Dusty Wright, CultureCatch — Video Production Essentials

12:30 * Scott Bourne, The Apple Phone Show — Selecting The Right Production Gear

1:00 * Don McAllister, Screencasting

Publishing & Promoting Your Podcast (1:30 pm – 4:00 pm)

1:30 * Liana Lehua — Going Beyond iTunes and Promoting Your Podcast on Blogs and Social Networks

2:00 * Paul Vogelzang, MommyCast/Porter-Novelli — Using Viral Distribution Techniques to Get Heard

2:30 * Richard Harrington, RHED Pixel — Creating an Appealing Brand Identity for Your Podcast

3:00 * Tim Street, French Maid TV — Marketing Your Podcast

3:30 * Neil Vineberg, Vineberg Communications — How to Spread the Word About Your Podcast

Super Serving Sponsors (and making money) with Your Podcast (4:00 pm – 5:00 pm)

4:00 * Panel discussion — Ad Networks vs. Sponsorships:

– Lee Gibbons, Co-Founder/CEO, Podango (Moderator)

– Jonathan Cobb, Founder/CEO, Kiptronic

– Doug Smith, Co-Founder/President, Podango

– Mark McCrery, Co-Founder/CEO, Podtrac

4:30 * Richard Harrington, RHED Pixel — Selling Podcasting and New Media as a Service,

5:00     * Conclusion

MacWorld and Symposium conference passes are available online at http://macworldexpo.com

For more information on the Podcast and Rich Media Symposium, visit: http://www.macworldexpo.com/symposiums