The Other Side of the Law

29 02 2008

Podcasting: it’s for cops AND robbers! (OK, an inmate, not a robber — nothing wrong with being a little dramatic, eh?)  In our fictional journal called “You Won’t Believe Who’s Podcasting Now!”, we have another entry: it’s from the Dagupan City Jail in the Philippines, where a technically inclined inmate has started a blog and now a podcast about what he and his fellow inmates are doing to better themselves and their community.  The blog and podcast cover topics such as “rehabilitation of their facilities like the visitor’s waiting shed, cooperative store, guard house, basketball court, revival of their saloon, repair of their infirmary …” and other tidbits about how these inmates bide their time. Some of the podcast is in computer-generated English, but some is in Filipino — so you’ll just have to guess what it’s about (unless you have Filipino skills).  Regardless, kudos to inmate Bill who made this podcast happen for using his jailtime wisely (with podcasting)!


Spotlight: Listener’s Choice from the CBC

18 01 2008

The CBC, Canada’s official public broadcaster, puts out high quality audio programming about and for its home country much like the BBC and NPR do for the UK and U.S., respectively.  For pure listener satisfaction, the CBC takes it one step further by accepting requests from its listener line for the Listener’s Choice podcast.  The idea is simple: each podcast starts out with listener requesting to hear a particular CBC story, and the host comes on and plays that story.  Giving the people what they want, when they want it … sounds a lot like podcasting in general, doesn’t it?  Subscribe here.

Spotlight: Politics in a Cup

8 01 2008

The first presidential primary in the United States is today, and what better time to announce a new video podcast by veteran videoblogger Steve Garfield and friend Phil Johnson (who would be writing for Letterman if he wasn’t on strike) called Cup O’ Politics, which puts the spotlight on the funny in the big political game.  Make your vote count and cure the ‘too many candidates blues’ by watching this podcast.

100 Happy New Years

31 12 2007

It will be a happy new year in New York, again, when the lighted ball will come down from a 70-foot flagpole atop the tower in Times Square for the 100th year in a row. In commemoration the New York Times Only in New York podcast made an episode entitled ‘New York’s new New Year’ (the 12/27/2007 episode). Check it and have a ball!

Spotlight: Spider on the Web

11 12 2007

We’ve seen many an award-winning media company produce regular podcasts that blow us away, but it’s not often we hear an award-winning talent put out a weekly podcast all by herself/himself. That’s what science fiction author Spider Robinson is doing in his weekly audio podcast called Spider on the Web, where Robinson tackles everything from “space exploration to technology, books, music, and anything else this writer’s fertile mind settles upon.” Robinson is already a juggernaut in the science fiction field with 3 Hugos, a Nebula, the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer and many other writing awards. Looks like he can add “pro podcaster” to his resume.

Spotlight: Wine Australia

30 11 2007

To select a wine from a particular country you aren’t familiar with and have no recommendation for, you have no choice but to find the nearest wine retailer, read the labels of bottle after bottle and eventually make a choice based on (what you hope is) an educated guess. That was before podcasting. Now, before you even make the trip, you can experience the sound of a glass pouring, the look of the wine swirling in a glass, and learn all about the history and production of that wine AND an entire country’s wine through podcasts — direct from the people who know. Head over to our wine, beer, and spirits collection to find podcasts from the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation, who produce an audio and a video podcast that details regional and varietal wines from Australia, hosted by Australian wine writer Max Allen and ‘regional hero’ Ben Glaetzer, respectively. The podcasts are a hit, as 15% of‘s visitors downloading the podcasts, or 10,000 downloads, since their launch in April 2007. Now those outside Australia can worry less about a plane ticket to Oz and a series of wine tours and more about which Australian wine they’re going to buy next from their local shop.

Spotlight: The IT Room

8 11 2007

it roomFans of the Office (both versions), Office Space, and nutty reality TV spoofs will be drawn to the IT Room, a new Internet-only show that debuts November 11. It’s a show about the geeks who control the computers at the company you probably work at. You can subscribe to trailers for the show (which are already are getting hyped through a number of video websites) from the IT Room website — and yes, that is a monkey telling you to subscribe, and you need to do what he says.