Racing Past the 50,000 Podcast Marker (and we’re still running!)

12 02 2008


Last week we reached a big milestone — we now have over 50,000 podcast feeds in our directory, a ‘total of 50,000 feeds’ (read more about it on our Treedia site). We’ve added many many podcasts to our site in the past few months, more than doubling our total in that time. But if we’re missing one of your favorite podcasts, or *gasp* YOUR podcast, go straight to our home page and submit the RSS feed for that podcast. If you need any help with this, just send us an email.

add a podcast

And if you’ve added one of these 50,000 podcasts, thanks to you!


Getting Fresh with

9 02 2008

It’s a brand new day, and we have some brand new changes to our home page, including to:

new home page

  • the navigation bar on the left side of the page
  • the welcome box, front and center
  • the search box to search for podcasts, above the welcome, and
  • the cleaner logo at the top of the page

play nowNow, none of these elements of our home page are new, but they represent our work to make our site look cleaner and clearer to people who haven’t visited our site before. We will continue to make these changes for the better throughout our site.

One element that is new is in our ‘latest podcast episodes’ section in the middle of the page; you can now play those audio or video podcasts right on the home page by clicking the ‘Play’ buttons below each of the four latest podcast episodes.

We would appreciate your comments on these changes and are excited to continue to make our site easier for you to use. If you have comments on these changes or suggestions on how we could continue to improve our site, send an email to info [at]

Winnah winnah! He Took Our Survey, He Won a Prize …

5 02 2008

trophyCongrats to William from Dallas, TX, USA, for winning our drawing for a $100 gift certificate to  In case you missed it we offered a $100 prize to one lucky person who took a survey on the website.  In future days we’ll be offering more prizes and giveaways from, so keep your eyes peeled and your nose to the ground (or just keep visiting on a regular basis).  Winnah!

Plodcasting? Copcasting? Constabulary-casting?

29 01 2008

In the ongoing story of interesting groups using podcasting in interesting ways, the Hampshire Constabulary is now pumping out podcasts about fighting crime in Hampshire (UK).  For some reason the Hampshire police call their podcasts ‘plodcasts‘, perhaps because of a cultural reference that UK residents would understand. Here’s what to expect:

In this first Plodcast, Ian Sainsbury finds out about the new SmartWater Zone that has just been set up in Portsmouth to crackdown on burglaries in the city. SmartWater is a special water with almost DNA like properties which makes anything marked with it easy to trace and it’s almost impossible to get off.

Get the podcast here.

Want to Be a Political Podcaster?

25 01 2008

If you do, you have your chance — the New York Times is looking for some people to record audio at the various political primaries around the United States on “Super Tuesday”, when citizens in many states around the country will be voting for who could become the next American president.  If you live in or around one of the following states — or are interested in traveling for this opportunity — check this link for more information:

California (Northern & Southern)
New Jersey
North Dakota
New Mexico
Utah and … Your Taxes?

23 01 2008

April.  It’s one of the most nerve-wracking months of the year for many Americans.  It’s when good citizens submit their tax returns to the government and hope (pray) they got some money back — or don’t have to pay too much.  (I’m getting this shivers just thinking about it.)  To alleviate your pain, your good friends (really?) at the IRS put together a podcast that details how to make sense of it all, whether you’re filing your taxes as an individual, business, student, etc.  You can subscribe here.

Spotlight: Listener’s Choice from the CBC

18 01 2008

The CBC, Canada’s official public broadcaster, puts out high quality audio programming about and for its home country much like the BBC and NPR do for the UK and U.S., respectively.  For pure listener satisfaction, the CBC takes it one step further by accepting requests from its listener line for the Listener’s Choice podcast.  The idea is simple: each podcast starts out with listener requesting to hear a particular CBC story, and the host comes on and plays that story.  Giving the people what they want, when they want it … sounds a lot like podcasting in general, doesn’t it?  Subscribe here.