I already made some audio and/or video programs and want to turn them into podcasts. What do I do?

First, if you don’t already have recordings made, you need to record whatever it is you want to make into a podcast (your live radio show, your band, etc.). Then you need to get your work in a common audio or video format that most computers can recognize. For audio, MP3 is good. For video, .m4v or .mov is pretty common.

From there you can do everything you need to make a podcast site — for free — with MyPodcast for audio and Blip.tv for video. You sign up with them and are given a website (blog). Every time you post one of your audio/video files to that blog, it updates the a feed (RSS) for you, and people can subscribe to your feed or just listen to the audio of your blog. And you can add your feed to Podcast.com.

Just be careful that you own or can obtain the rights to everything within your productions (music, voices, etc.) – if you offer someone else’s copyrighted content available for download, you could be liable for copyright infringement.


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