What are buddies? How can I add a buddy?

buddiesYou are a member of Podcast.com, and so are others. Great! But how does everyone find one another? For now, start at my.podcast.com and see who has recently joined, logged in, or added something to their playlist of podcasts. From there:

  • Click on another member’s icon to go to their page on Podcast.com, like mine.
  • Click on the add buddy link right below the image in the middle of the page.
  • Now that member is your your buddy, and their buddy icon will appear under your My Buddies section at the left of your page.
  • What if you don’t add any buddies? Instead of the image you see on the left, you’ll see:

no buddies

So why do you want buddies? For now, buddies are a great way to find podcasts you haven’t found yet — you can click on any of Your Buddies and see what podcasts they have in their collections. And we’ll add more features for closer buddy-to-buddy action as soon as we can.


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