What are tags and what can I do with them?

A tag is another word for a label, a category, or any word or series of words that describe something. A member of Podcast.com can apply a tag to a podcast. For example, when I’m logged in to Podcast.com, I can go to the page of the British History 101 podcast, click on theadding tagas icon, and tag the podcast with words I think describes what the podcast is:

add tags

Like the directions say above, I separate the words with spaces, and if I want to make a two-word tag, I put quotes around those two words (such as “British history”). But I’m adding three single-word tags for now, and here they are on the podcast page, after I click addign tags 2:


You see the small red x’s next to each tag — that means I can delete each tag if I decide I don’t want it (but you can’t delete tags other people have added). Then, if I go to my Podcast.com page, I can see the tags I added for the British History podcast along with all the other tags I added for podcasts:


So why do I tag podcasts?

I tag podcasts so other people can find the British History 101 podcast more easily. Soon you will be able to search for tags using the search bar in the middle of every page, or by going to a special page with all the popular tags on it.


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