What is a collection of podcasts, and how and why should I create one?

directoryYou can collect podcasts in your own directory/collection just like we’ve collected them on our home page (left). That way you can log in to our site and immediately have the podcasts you want to listen to and watch.

When you first log in, you will find a list of Recommended Podcasts for your listening pleasure. But don’t stop there — use the search box to type in your favorite hobby or subject, find a podcast in the list, and click on the button below the image in the middle of the page. The podcast will load into your podcast collection on the right side of the page and will be next to this icon: rss2.gif.

To add a folder to your collection, or if you happen to know the RSS feed you want to add, use the button below your collection on the right and add a folder name.

After you have a few podcasts in your collection, you can use the to open your collection and drag the podcasts and folders into the order you want them. You can also add a link to any Web page when you open your collection with this button.

If you want to delete a podcast you’ve already subscribed to, use the to open your collection, highlight the podcast you no longer want, and then click delete at the bottom of the window.

And once you have a few podcasts in your collection, you can click on the rssfresh.gif icon below your collection to see the most recently updated podcasts from just your collection.

You can also add folders from other members of Podcast.com. Go to any other member’s page (find other members at my.podcast.com) and click on the button below their collection — OR below any folder in their collection. That will create a link from your collection to that member’s entire collection or just one folder in that member’s collection.


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