What is a playlist, and how and why should I create one?

open playlist

A playlist is a list of podcast episodes (not a collection of podcasts, but the episodes of podcasts — see the distinction here) that you can save to listen to later or share with friends. When you are logged in to Podcast.com, you will notice that the podcast player at the top-right of your screen (demonstrated to your right) has a small green button that says “open” next to it. Click on that button and your playlist will open, and it will be empty unless you have already figured out how to put a podcast episode in it. On the bottom-right of that playlist window you see a “click lock to edit” icon, which will allow you to remove items you add to your playlist.

How to Add a Podcast Episode to Your Playlist


When you are still logged in to Podcast.com, you can go to any podcast page, like this one, on our site to add an episode from that podcast to your playlist. To the right of the podcast episode you will see a green “Add to Playlist” button (left) next to the Play button. Click it once and you should see that item in your playlist, regardless of whether you have the playlist window open or not. And like I previously stated, you can use the “click lock to edit” icon to remove items you add to your playlist by double-clicking on them or to re-order those items by dragging them.


How to Find and Distribute Your Playlist

Once you add episodes to your playlist, you can click the icon below your picture on your my.podcast.com page, such as on Glenn’s page (right), you can click the LOAD playlist feed button and you’ll see your playlist in the middle of the page. Then you can click on:

— and get the RSS feed for your playlist (that means your playlist is a podcast on its own!), if you want to give that to someone else or put it in your podcast collection. If you put it in your collection, the podcast will look like this:

playlist feed


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