Why Should I Use RSS?

(To find out what RSS is, click here.) There is so much content available on the Internet that it’s hard to keep track of everything that is going on. Instead of going out and visiting a lot of Web sites every day to get your news, entertainment, and whatever else you like on a daily basis, you can subscribe to RSS feeds available on those sites. Some Web sites are updated every day, some are updated every few weeks, and you can use RSS to get those updates as soon as they are available so you don’t have to keep going back to the Web site to check for updates.

Other than podcasts, here are some examples of how to use RSS:

  • Newspapers and blogs. If you read a news site every day, or any site that uses RSS, why keep going back to that site to see if it’s updated? Subscribe to the home page in RSS and they’ll tell you when it’s updated.
  • Photos. You can be alerted any time your friends or family post a new photo if they use a site that delivers photos in RSS, such as Flickr.
  • Search results. For example, you can search for news about a term such as ‘chicken’, and if you subscribe to those results in a RSS feed, you will automatically be notified whenever a new news story appears that contains the word ‘chicken’. This can be helpful when doing research at work or when keeping track of your favorite topics at home. Topix.net is one example.

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